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GSoC students are already hacking!

23 May 2018

We always enjoy that new people join openSUSE community and help them in their first steps. Because of that, openSUSE participates again in GSoC, an international program in which stipends are awarded to students who hack on open source projects during the summer. We are really excited to announce that this year four students will learn about open source development while hacking on openSUSE projects. The coding period started last week, so our students are already busy hacking and they have written some nice articles about their projects. :blush:

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Running for openSUSE Board

19 March 2018

Hi! I am running as openSUSE Board member and I would like to let you know more about me, my view of what openSUSE is and why I want to be in the Board. :raised_hands:

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Students from Indonesia, openSUSE participates in GSoC!

15 February 2018

openSUSE participates again in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a program that awards stipends to university students who contribute to real-world open source projects during three months in summer. :sunny: With this article, I will provide my experience as a former GSoC student and mentor, give you more details about the program and try to encourage Indonesian students to get involved in openSUSE development through GSoC.

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Why nobody speaks about dig

07 January 2018

It is already 2 years since Ruby 2.3 was released. While the controversial &., which is claimed to allow writing incomprehensible code, has become really popular in blog post and conferences, we have heard very little about the Hash#dig and Array#dig methods. Those methods were mentioned together in the release notes, as both try to make easier dealing with nil values. But why is then the dig method not that “popular”? Can we after two years say something new about it? And the most important part, should we start using it, if we haven’t use it until now? :thinking:

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A failing test for Christmas

01 January 2018

It seems I have really well behaved on 2017, because Santa Claus brought me a failing test for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I found out a piece of code, that was only wrong from 26th to 31st December. :christmas_tree: Image you want to write a Ruby method for a Rails project, where you want to get all the users of the database that have birthday today or in the next 6 days, given that the birth date is stored in the database for all users. How would you do it?

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