Ana María Martínez Gómez

Ana Maria Martinez

I am a Computer Scientist and a Mathematician from Spain. In August I moved to New York to pursue a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Theory at Columbia University. Due to COVID-19, I am currently continuing my Master online from Germany. This summer, I am doing an internship as Reverse Engineer at FireEye.

Before starting my graduate studies, I have worked for three years as a Software Engineer at SUSE in Germany. I am a Free and Open-Source Software enthusiast and I can not avoid taking a look at every code that crosses my path. That is why I maintain several Free Software projects and contribute to many others as well. Some people say I am addicted to GitHub!

I am passionate about Computer Science and technology. I am specially interested in Theoretical Computer Science and I feel attracted to programming challenges. I enjoy working with different programming languages and technologies. Some of my favorites are Ruby, Python, Assembly language, SQL, C and Haskell, but I am always willing to discover new ones.

In my free time, I attend technical conferences, hike, paint and cook. When I find time and an interesting topic, I write in my blog.

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