Ana María Martínez Gómez

Ana Maria Martinez

My name is Ana and I am from Madrid, Spain. I am a Computer Science Engineer and a Mathematician and I am currently working as a Software Engineer at SUSE in Nuremberg, Germany.

I love open source development and I can not avoid taking a look to every code that crosses my path. That is why I maintain several open source projects and contribute to many others as well. Some people say I am addicted to Github! I also help newcomers to open source, for example by participating as a mentor and org admin in GSoC.

I am passionate about computer science and technology. Lately, I have been mainly working as a software engineer and a web developer, but I also feel attracted by other fields such as theoretic computer science, algorithms and computer architecture. I currently write a lot of Ruby code, but I enjoy working with other programming languages as well.

As I am a really hyperactive person, there are many things I usually do in my free time. I attend developer and computer science conferences (as speaker if possible), write viruses in assembly languages and read about technology. When I find time and an interessting topic, I write in my blog. I also do voluntary work with children and I like painting, cooking, travelling and practising sports. Since I live in Germany, I have fun learning german too.

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